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Key Benefits of Using an Ergonomic Footrest Under Your Desk

When you buy an ergonomic chair or an adjustable desk, it can be easy to focus on your back, neck and shoulders but what about your legs and feet? If your legs and feet do not get proper support then it could adversely affect your blood circulation and lead to long-term health problems. Sitting at a desk for a long time in the same position in your home office may cause certain issues such as poor circulation, sore lower back and bad posture. That’s why it is highly recommended to use an ergonomic foot rest under desk to alleviate the discomfort and physical stress that sitting at a desk puts on your body.



Although you are not doing any stressful physical work, spending hours sitting at your desk can put a tremendous strain on your body. Here are a few reasons for using an ergonomic footrest under desk in your home office. 


  • Improve blood circulation

Those who sit or lay for long hours with no physical activity can suffer from poor circulation. This is one of the key reasons behind various health complications like blood clots and varicose veins. A comfortable desk foot rest can help reduce pressure on your legs and prevent issues related to blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, swelling as well as varicose veins. Using a footrest is an ideal option to cut down the discomfort and blood circulation problems due to sitting for an extended time.


  • Reduce lower back issues

Back problems are common especially when you sit for long in an office chair. Inappropriate feet posture can also put a strain on your spine. This will result in discomfort and low productivity, and may lead to injury in the future. With the support of a footrest, you can comfortably sit back without putting extra pressure on your spine or back region.


  • Better posture

In the absence of proper tools like an ergonomic footrest and chair, your posture may degrade and go out of alignment. To sit in the right posture, you should keep your feet on the footrest while placing your legs horizontally to the floor.


  • A great option for shorter individuals

People with shorter legs may face the consistent problem of reaching the floor with their feet; therefore they keep their legs up in the air. This can lead to a weight distribution problem and discomfort to the back and other regions. By using the ErgoFoam adjustable desk foot rest, shorter people can keep their feet flat as well as add support for their legs, feet and back.


  • Encourages active sitting

According to studies, sitting still all day long can be detrimental to our health. But, the introduction of a foot rest under desk can support the coax movement and active sitting. A comfortable foot rest encourages the body’s motion that keeps your legs moving, improves blood flow and makes your feet comfortable.


At ErgoFoam, we offer a variety of velvet and mesh foot rests so that you can find the perfect foot rest for you. All ErgoFoam products are backed by our Lifetime Warranty and are specially designed to provide firm, ergonomic support at your desk all day long.

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