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Different Types of Footrests for your complete comfort and relaxation

Often in our home office workspace, we understand the importance of having an ergonomic chair, great screen settings and desk accessories that make us feel comfortable and easy to work. But, we often forget about our feet. Did you know that our feet can tell us a lot about our health but we mostly tend to ignore pain and discomfort signals until it becomes unbearable. If you sit with your dangling feet or your knees are at an odd angle all day long it may increase your risk of blood clots or varicose veins. Ignoring feet discomfort may result in strained and fatigued feet and can lead to various health issues.

A footrest is an ergonomic accessory designed to provide utmost comfort and support while you are sitting. Full-body support is highly important for your overall well-being. It also helps in reducing pain related to legs and risk of lower back pain.

An ergonomic footrest works well in providing you with good posture and reduces the chances of injury, fatigue and back comfort.  For starters, a footrest is beneficial in promoting blood circulation that slows down when you sit for long time in your office at home. Good posture can be promoted by the using right set of ergonomic equipment. Foot rests offer the best way to encourage blood circulation of the overall body as well as alleviate back pain, shoulder pain and other issues. When you feel truly relaxed and comfortable sitting at your home office, it will encourage your posture and you will feel more energized for all day.

At ErgoFoam, our ergonomically designed office foot rests and soft foot rests under desk were designed to meet the varying needs of the modern professional.


1. Adjustable footrest for added height

    The ErgoFoam adjustable foot rests are meticulously designed to offer you both firm support and all day comfort. If you have shorter legs and looking for foot rest that can be adjusted then adjustable desk foot rest is an ideal option for you. It allows you to add or remove inches for maximum comfort. They are made of the finest quality material to provide soft and plushy surface to make your feet press the cushion and stretch your ankle. The adjustable foot rest comes in premium velvet and breathable mesh material for your complete relaxation and well-being.


    2. ErgoFoam ergonomic foot rest under desk

    The ErgoFoam ergonomic footrests under desk are engineered to provide optimal support to your feet and ensure that your sitting position is right. It helps in reducing soreness and fatigue to your back, legs, knees and feet by improving your posture as well as your blood circulation. It comes in wider size of 17.3”x 11.5”x 3.9” that allows you to sit more comfortably in one position than shorter foot rest pillows  When you buy a footrest always check the size that works well with you.



    3. Breathable mesh foot rest

    Our premium mesh cover foot rest wicks the moisture away from your feet and keeps you cool and dry for all day comfort. Compared to other fabric foot rests, it’s pet-friendly and easy to clean. Our high density footrests mean greater amount of ergonomic support to your feet.

    All ErgoFoam footrests are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty and designed with the finest quality materials to provide utmost comfort and relaxation to your feet.

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