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ErgoFoam named "most comfortable and supportive footrest" by The Wirecutter

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At ErgoFoam, our mission is to help you feel your best everyday.

That's why we designed our ergonomic foot rests to provide you all day comfort and support, backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

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ErgoFoam offers a variety of sizes and styles so you can find the perfect foot rest for you.

footrest for desk


Our adjustable desk foot rest lets you add or remove inches to your foot rest for maximum comfort. 

under desk footrest


Discover the comfort of our original under desk foot rest that thousands of others have experienced.

foot stool under desk


Foot rest under desk that provides extra height if you have shorter legs or a higher desk.

foot rest for under desk

Feel your best everyday

ErgoFoam under desk foot rests provide firm support for your feet and help ensure your sitting position is upright.

under desk foot rest

Comfortable ergonomic support

Improving your posture has been proven to reduce soreness and fatigue to your back, feet, legs and knees, and will also improve circulation.


foot rocker

Use it as a rocker

Flip over your ErgoFoam foot rest and it becomes a rocker to keep your feet moving, improving your circulation.

adjustable foot rest


Looking for a foot rest that's a bit taller? Then our adjustable footrest for desk is perfect for you, letting you add or remove inches to your foot rest for maximum comfort.

footstool under desk

Lifetime Warranty

All ErgoFoam foot rests are backed by our limited Lifetime Warranty. 

Why choose ErgoFoam?

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See how a foot stool under desk can help you feel your best everyday.

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